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Intelligent Touch-screen detox foot spa

  • Intelligent Touch-screen detox foot spa
  • Intelligent Touch-screen detox foot spa
  • Intelligent Touch-screen detox foot spa
Model No.︰HSK-5806A
Brand Name︰HSK
Country of Origin︰-
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
Intelligent Touch-screen detox foot spa(Type:HSK-5806A )

NW: 3.5KG
GW : 5.5KG
Voltage: 110~220V  60HZ
power: 100W
Package size: 39.5cmX19cmX36cm
Outer box size: 75cm*41cm*37cm
package form: aluminum case

1.  Exclusive 8’ touch screen display with higher resolution
2.  The newest smart voice alarm system.
3.  Pioneering in identifying the wristband
4.  Password & counting sessions
5.  Four Modes
6.  Duo kernel CPU system, easy to handle
7.  AC Power adapter to ensure the safety.
8.  First vertical outline, fresh and healthy appearance

Product introduction
HSK-5806A,which is a comprehensive energy foot spa machine with an intelligent detoxification instrument. It was widely used in the normal families in America, Europe, Asia and other developed countries. We use the latest biological technology combined with the physiology, electrochemical, dialysis learn, electric ion penetrate into law, the relevant theories and principles of toxicology to research and develop HSK-5806. It’s set accord to the human body energy circulation system ,with the principle of electrolysis it can generate a large number of negative ions through water to conform active ion water .With ion permeability it can detox the basic elements of the human body—cell and rearrange the sequence of ion cells which can improve the cell permeability and achieve the ultimate purpose of separating the toxin in the body to decreases as the pores from in vitro. Therefore, long-term use can easily help you achieve all-round health effect. Through simple foot bath to make you metabolic visible, accompanied by health.

Target Users
The long lasting work pressure high, the mental ability is weary, treats with courtesy, the tobacco and liquors much for the partner;
White-collar crowd who are spirit gaunt, often work overtime, lacking of sleep
Sub healthy crowd who are susceptibility to chill, easy infection, and losing of immunity
Crowd who works under quite serious environment
Women who are premature aging of the skin
Patient which happy cooking oil fats
Disorder life of freedom workers
Housewife, Chinese chef
Diabetes, hypertension, high blood fats, perspiration foot, foot gas, rheumatism, arthritis, injury from fractures,
User who is more than 7 years old

Improve blood viscosity
Improve blood pressure
Improve blood fat
Improe blood sugar
Fast relief constipation
Remit lumbar muscle fatigue,injuries
Antioxidation, delaying senility
Try to regulate gynecological symptoms, to prevent the skin aging, nourish and whiten your skin
Enhance liver detoxify, improve edema, arthritis, gout, rheumatism and so on
Regulate all kinds’ pain of rheumatism, slow down inflammation, passive congestion
Adjust the nerve function, to eliminate fatigue, insomnia, refreshed, enhance memory
Enhance cell activity, strengthen the cell repair and copy ability, increase metabolism, promote harmful substances emitted
Improve blood circulation, loose vascular smooth muscle, to make blood-vessel outspread, accelerate the blood, and improve the ability to resist oxidation of hemoglobin
Rapidly eliminate the drug allergy and alcohol poisoning
Have obviously function for  beriberi, chicken eye disease
Enhance physique.
Enhance immunity. Prevent type lesions, from the sub health to health


Main machine
Power cable
Waist belt
Power adaptor
Aluminum case



The below can be for your reference after many tests:
       Yellow=green detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate
       Orange= from joints
       Brown= liver, tobacco, cellular debris
       Black= liver, gallbladder
       Dark Green= gallbladder
       White foam= mucous from lymph
       White speckles= most likely yeast
       Black speckles= heavy metals
        Red speckles= blood clot material
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