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Neck Massager YST-2210

Model No.︰YST-2210
Brand Name︰YST
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 38 / pc
Minimum Order︰5 pc
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Product Description
The neck is very important within the cervical canal of the spinal cord and medulla oblongata of human life hub connected to control most of the body through nerves here, is the brain and the body information transmission hub, but also to send the blood on the head, air, eating into the body's main pathway. Head and neck in order to support the weight, have a great range of activities, medical | education network has collected and very active, easy-to-strain and degradation. Do neck massage can improve the blood circulation of the neck to increase the strength of the neck muscles to maintain the flexibility of nuchal ligament to strengthen the cervical facet joint stability. Long-term adherence will enable a flexible neck that can effectively combat stiff neck, cervical disease, headache, dizziness, neck and shoulder pain, arm numbness and other symptoms.
Specifications︰Rated Voltage 220V ~ Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated Power 15W safety design
Rated working hours, 15 minutes Weight 2.2kg
Executive Standard GB4706.1-1998
Packing Size: 400 * 315 * 165mm 5 sets / box
Advantages︰1, working fine, jacket with PU fabric, with comfortable, soft features.
2, looks beautiful, comfortable and compact, single-cylinder operation and easy to carry.
3, the two longer massage head, neck massage more comfortable.
4, with two heat lamps, and there is hot compress effect.
5, additional remote control operation more convenient.
6, positive and negative massage to choose from two ways, and the massage speed can be adjusted.
7, equipped with thermal protection device, longer life and safer.
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