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Back Massage Cushion YST-2207

Model No.︰YST-2207-1
Brand Name︰YST
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 38 / pc
Minimum Order︰6 pc
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Product Description
Back pain has become a common problem throughout the world. The computer all day office workers, guests must be standing service staff has traveled to a busy clerk, and everyone faced the backache headache. Why physicians can not properly treat the illnesses then?
"British Medical Association Journal," a new study shows 1987 to 1997 for this decade, although the result in serious back pain problems with mobility decrease of 0.7%, but the proportion of affected people's back pain, but increased by 12.7%.
Southampton University researchers to understand the back pain to the general public the real impact, especially in the 1987 and 1988 for the 2667 people from 20 to 59-year-old research studies, a total of 59% of the entire process of popular participation in research; while the second study, was in 1997 to 1998 for the 10,363 people from 20 ~ 59 years old to investigate, a total of 57% of the entire process of popular participation in research. The results showed that within one year of the survey interviews, respondents the proportion of back pain in 1988 in the first 36.4% of the study, in the second study in 1998 had increased to as much as 49.1%. An increase in the proportion of back pain on the men, women, economy class, accommodation in terms of area, are presented to increase situation.
The researchers believe that the increase in back pain patients, mainly for two reasons. The first is the modern, more attention to their own health and therefore would back pain as a symptom therapy. The second reason is that modern bosses have also been able to accept disease, back pain was a reason to leave, so employees are more able to use health care system for the back pain problem
You are also afflicted by back pain by the Ku Ming office workers do?
Specifications︰Rated voltage DC12V
Rated Power 15W
Rated working hours, 15 minutes Weight 2.5kg
Executive Standard GB4706.1-1998
Packing Size: 405 * 320 * 120mm 6 units / box
Advantages︰1, working fine, jacket with PU fabric + mesh design, comfortable wear-resistant characteristics.
2, built-in four kneading massage head, the ad hoc positive, anti-kneading massage function.
3, looks beautiful, comfortable and compact, designed for home, auto dual-use, single-cylinder operation and easy to carry.
4, the new light-emitting hot massage head, and there is hot compress effect.
5, relieve neck, back, lumbar spine, calf muscle tension, reduce stress.
6, ultra-thin streamlined design and more close, ergonomic.
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