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Foot bath device YST-8102

Model No.︰YST-8102
Brand Name︰YST
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 75 / pc
Minimum Order︰4 pc
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Product Description
Foot bath before going to bed is good

Foot bath before going to bed hypnotic effect

Feet with hot water, that the "foot bath", "Foot." Ancient people hot feet and health relationships and hypnotic effects has long recognized. Lu, in his 82 years old, also insisted on feet with hot water before going to bed: "the elderly is no longer a matter Nongsang, counting chickens peck has not forgotten, foot bed really a fast, amidst growing Sun Xie Zhi Xiao Tang." China has a folk song goes: "Spring feet, Sun fixed off; in the summer and feet can be cured Shushi; fall, feet, lungs Runchang moisten; winter feet, pubic temperature burning." In brief, this ballad is also seen that the benefits of Four Seasons feet. Why, then, and feet before going to bed with a hypnotic and fitness effects?

Chinese medicine that: the human body internal organs has a corresponding projection in the feet. Points more than 60 feet and internal organs have a close relationship, but man's insomnia and dreams, as well as diseases, the emergence of dysfunctional organs are reflected in the yin and yang after the decline or Piansheng state. Feet with hot water, as these points with moxa moxibustion may help promote blood running, Shujin vibrant, and cozy internal organs, so that the role of the human body to restore balance of yin and yang, which has a hypnotic, and eliminate diseases and improve health effect.

Modern medicine: the human foot on the clouds with many blood vessels, with hot water and feet make foot telangiectasia, blood circulation of the foot more of the supply of nutrients, so strong legs legs metabolism. Hot water with a mild stimulating effect, as many nerve endings on the soles of the feet closely linked with the brain to stimulate the soles of the feet on the nerves, may produce cerebral cortex inhibited the brain makes people feel comfortable relaxed, not only can speed up the sleep, so sleep deepened, can effectively eliminate the day's fatigue.

Hot water wash feet, the water temperature to 42 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, warm comfort suitable to heat the water while washing edge to keep the water temperature, a time about 15 minutes. After a basin lightly rubbed with a dry towel massage toes and palms, its hypnotic effect will help to sleep better.

Foot bath before going to bed a health remedy

Foot bath, or hot feet. Practice shows that the foot bath is a simple, convenient, effective and reliable method of self-care. Therefore, China's civil society known as the "pot of soup before going to bed" in practice, and "Spring feet, Sun fixed off; summer feet, dehumidification Qushu; fall, feet, lungs Runchang moisten; winter feet, pubic region Wen Zhuo "at all.

Chinese medicine for foot health very seriously. The body's internal organs have a corresponding projection in the feet, connecting the body organs of the 12 meridians, of which six began on the feet, feet foot yin and the beginning of the end of foot Sanyang, distributed in more than 60 feet a point interlinked with internal and external environment. If you can insist that before going to bed with hot water and feet can stimulate these points to promote the blood run, regulate visceral functions, Shu Tong body meridians to achieve the illnesses and evil, Huayu Qi, nourishing the vitality purposes. Modern medicine, feet are the body's "second heart", feet there are countless nerve endings and the brain are closely linked, and human health are closely related. Therefore, often with hot water and feet, can enhance the body's immunity and resistance, with physical health, longevity effect.

From the point of view of physical medicine, hot foot bath is a kind of therapy. Feet when the water temperature of 40 to 50 ℃ The appropriate amount of water to flood the foot ankle is better, feet soaked in 5 to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the hand is slow, consistent, easy to massage your feet, first leg behind the soles of the feet, until the heat up. This will enable the expansion of local blood vessels, peripheral nervous excitement, accelerate blood circulation, increase metabolism. If long-term adherence, not only a health effect, but also on neurasthenia caused dizziness, insomnia, more dreams and other symptoms has a good effect. If the bath water by adding some drugs, but also prevention and control influenza, foot disease, chilblains and joint pain embolism.
Specifications︰Rated Voltage 220V ~ Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated Power 380W Safety Design
The maximum temperature of 50 ℃ Weight 3.5kg
Executive Standard GB4706.1-1998
Packing Size: 395 * 260 * 476mm 4 sets / box
Advantages︰1, heat insulation. PTC thermostat control, triple-insulated security, water separation, highly efficient and stable security.
2, vibration massage. Foot massage device at the bottom of an orderly arrangement of convex head through the high-frequency vibration, and continuously stimulate acupoints soles of the feet, reduce fatigue.
3, bubble impact. With a large number of bubbles burst, and constantly impact on acupoints soles of the feet and radiation zone to promote blood circulation to improve health.
4, constant temperature soak. Increase the heat through the PTC heating to maintain comfortable temperature.
5, fashionable appearance. Fashion design, is your home for personal use and gifts to friends and relatives the best choice.
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