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MBS-Soul Vibro Sound Mat

  • MBS-Soul Vibro Sound Mat
  • MBS-Soul Vibro Sound Mat
  • MBS-Soul Vibro Sound Mat
  • MBS-Soul Vibro Sound Mat
  • MBS-Soul Vibro Sound Mat
Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰MBS
Country of Origin︰-
Unit Price︰US $ 1950 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Pulsating sound massage with healty effect
MULTIVIB Low Frequency Pulsating Sound Massage demonstrates to be very effective in treatment of several every-day issues, such as wryneck, tensed shoulders, frozen shoulder, menstrual pains, COPD and Lower Back Pains.

What is VAT doing with us?
• Surface- and deep tissue-massage
• Effect on smooth and striped muscles
• Pain reduction
• Stimulates blood circulation
• Has effect on stress-hormone levels
• Has effect on the vegetative nervous system

The sound waves massages all cells in our body. This will rejuvenate our body from the inside.

A new experience
Users of MULTIVIB tell that they are experiencing a totally new physical and mental effect during a therapy session. It is an incredibly comfortable feeling which they have never imagined could exist..
Many of them experience effects on their issues which no other therapy or medications have been able to heal or improve.
Payment Terms︰TT/PAYPAL
Lead Time︰3-7
Standards Certificate︰CE
Custom Field︰Achieve Deep Relaxation
Soothe Body, Mind and Spirit
Lower Blood Pressure
Feel Balanced, Peaceful and Rejuvenated

Uses for the Vibroacoustic Tactile Sound
Massage Tables and Sound Chairs include:

~ Enhanced Relaxation ~
~ Stress Reduction ~
~ Lower Blood Pressure ~
~ Build Bone, Reduce Fat ~
~ Sound Massage Therapy ~
~ Myofascial Release ~
~ Pain Management ~
~ Dealing with Fibromyalgia ~
~ Coping with Autism ~
~ Inner Sound Journeys ~
~Increase Oxygenation~
~Reduce Acidation~
~ Virtual Dolphin Therapy ™~
~ Lessen Burnout Rate for Massage Therapists ~
~ Deepened Meditation Levels ~
~ Whole Body Vibration ~
~ Calming Restless Behavior ~
~ Stimulating Creativity ~
~ Ultimate in Sound Therapy ~
~ Physical & Auditory Stimulation ~
~ Enhancing Self Help or Mind Body Tapes & CDs ~
~ Delivering Bio-Acoustic Frequencies to
the Body's Vibrational System ~
~ Mind-Body-Soul Connection ~
~ Recreational Therapy ~
~ Physical Therapies ~
~ Music Therapy ~
~Sound Therapy~
~ VAT Therapy ~
~ Increased Receptivity to Holistic Health &
Alternative Medicine Practices ~

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy is like a
"cellular massage for the body".

Vibroacoustic Sound Mat - Folding Vibroacoustic Music Mat based upon the new advanced technology transducers.

The vibration is delivered so cleanly that the brain interprets the stimulus as Sound, not Shaking.
Excellent sound and full body vibration. Wonderful delivery system for Vibroacoustic Music,
Vibroacoustic Therapy and Whole Body Vibration.

"I had been holding off on creating a Sound Mat for many years because I was not happy with the
transducers that were availablefor for this application in the past . Then the new advanced technology transducers
became available to us. While I was testing the prototype of these new transducers, I felt that maybe the time had come
for a sound mat that I would find acceptable. When I built the prototype sound mat, I was blown away
by the way the vibration was so smoothly delivered throughout the mat - corner to corner and end to end..
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