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Intra-Oral Camera

  • Intra-Oral Camera
  • Intra-Oral Camera
  • Intra-Oral Camera
  • Intra-Oral Camera
  • Intra-Oral Camera
Model No.︰KQ-2001
Brand Name︰HSK-Intra-Oral Camera
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰5 pc
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Product Description

Product specifications : boxed.

 Product description : Sales-supply oral endoscope.

Distribution company oral endoscope, use the most advanced production technologies endoscope, aerodynamic shape, ultra-low price, Oral is functional endoscopic market the best products in oral clinics, beauty rooms. Use of oral endoscopic solution you the following questions : 1. help you solve the mouth minor part of the inspection, while early health education, increasing outpatient revenue. 2, increasing patient exchanges, seeing is believing patients achieve the effect, reduce the workload intensity, patients to doctors to increase confidence. 3, perfect attendance after review measures to give patients more satisfied in order to increase your market competitiveness. 4, a small increase input immediate medical treatment clinics grade. 5, to create an electronic medical records management system is conducive to the exchange of doctors and medical disputes in the event of the burden of proof can.


▪ Marketing
- Currently exported to over 20 countries(HK, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Germany, Spain, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, etc) and plan to expand market mainly in China and USA.

- Mainly distributed to skincare shops and hair salons.





T/T in advance

FOB China


Minimum Order




20 Sets/Carton

None Specified


Sample Price


None Specified



Contact Information


   Company Name:

China ShenZhen H-S-K Technology Co., Ltd

   Contact Person:

Weizhi wang  
(Your message will be sent to the supplier directly)


East stand 702 of Prime Hotel of east way of the south that Shenzhen is deep







   Web Site:



Payment Terms︰TT
Lead Time︰3-7 working days
Standards Certificate︰CE
Specifications︰Detailed Product Description

LED intra-oral camera
- provides an easy video exam of a patient's teeth in living color for your better examination
- crisp, high quality images
- simple operation and installation
- light and easy mobility
- equipped with anti-fog, non-spherical lens
- free focus control from close to long range imaging
- compatible with a regular monitor in connection to docking station
Image device, area size: 1 / 4inch CCD, 4. 8 (H) x 3. 6 (v)
Horizontal resolution: 500 lines
Minimum scene illumination: f1. 4, 3. 0lux
Signal to noise ratio: 46db
Video output: 1. 0v p-p / 75ohms ( + / -10% ) , composite video, BNC connector
Scanning system: 2: 1 interlace
Synchronization: internal sync only
White balance: electronic auto tracing
Electronic iris (linear) : 1 / 60 to 1 / 100, 000 sec
Gain control: auto control
Power source: dv12v, 220ma
Weight: 25grs appx.
Operating temperature: -20- + 60 degree (c)
Advantages︰1. Placed to facilitate convenient handle rack can be placed in the cell phone next table, desk, walls and elsewhere. 2. Autofocus automatic focusing can be automatically adjusted as needed photography, can be taken to a local listed panoramic teeth and gums. maximum resolution : 3.8 million pixels 1.3 million pixels (dynamic) and 3.8 million pixels (static) LIVE MESSENGER Key started three. Operation is simple and easy to operate mouth cameras, and calculators can connect USB port can be used. It can find you can not see the corner, shooting lightly click button can be used to take oral panoramic.
Payment Details︰TT
Min Order︰1
Ship Date︰3-7 working days
Product Image

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