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HSK- Far Infrared Mineral Lamps- 6108

  • HSK- Far Infrared Mineral Lamps- 6108
  • HSK- Far Infrared Mineral Lamps- 6108
  • HSK- Far Infrared Mineral Lamps- 6108
  • HSK- Far Infrared Mineral Lamps- 6108
  • HSK- Far Infrared Mineral Lamps- 6108
Model No.︰HSK-6108
Brand Name︰HSK-Infrared Therapy-6108
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 249 / pc
Minimum Order︰10 pc
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Product Description

The efficiency of the products
1.Improve blood circulation
  Make and shine position blood vessel expansion, The blood flow is accelerated , blood circulation can improve , To offering some diseases not enough to cause of blood to have function treated and recover.
2.Ease pain
  Reduce nerve excitability, alleviate muscle convulsion , Improve and offer the blood, accelerate blood、backset current of the lymph liquid remove sending and ache material , The pain caused to many kinds of reasons, If painful 、 of joint, gastral cavilty ache、the dysmenorrhoea has good result of stopping the pain .
3.Diminish inflammation and subside a swelling
  Make the blood vessel expand , blood circulation is accelerated , Oozing out the thing to absorb, the inflammation nature result is removed and accelerated , The local immunity material increases, dampen the etiology body , The inflammation is dissipated to promote the simple form, to chronic prostate gland inflammation、the chronic bronchitis has good function .
4.Improve the muscle function state
  Dispel muscle convulsion , reduce the tension of connective tissue of fibre , Increase its elasticity , solve adhesion loose , Soften scar, to cold wet quality pain in the back、cervical vertebra disease、the arthritis has good improvement function .

Adapt to the disease

  Experience the cold and wet one evilly a lot of, the perverse trend numbness is hindered in joint、the collateral channels, make the angry blood unable to run smoothly , The silt hinder the collateral channels , not the general rule ache and come on .
disease disease form joint、skin、the muscles and bones wait for position paining or swelling , Deadlock 、 of morning, numb and heavy, whether to or crook or not to stretch unfavorably, Swelling 、 of even the joint, out of shape, it stretches no strong and straightly the muscle withers and waits .
treat the position trouble department .
treat dosage 1 -2 times/ The sun 40 Minute/ Time.
treat course of treatment for 2 weeks.

  All all kinds of reasons cause the stomach Qi to lose on anding lower, The stagnation of the circulation of vital energy blood silt or yang is insufficient , burnt and empty and cold in China, The stomach is held in place with a net and lose raising warmly, can all cause the pulse to held the contraction in place with a net and arrest , The angry blood is run and loses and form the stomachache smoothly .
the disease and disease form gastral cavilty ache the main symptom is shown as the stomachache , Whether Oh, angry、vomit the acid.
treat the belly part on the position left.
treat dosage 1 -2 times/ The sun 40 Minute/ Time.
treat course of treatment for 1 weeks.
should ban on -smoking and the trade to treat one in points for attention .

  Cold wet long shank cause local stagnation of the circulation of vital energy blood silt , The muscle marrow is lost and raises aching the rough dizzy disease .
disease disease form neck、shoulder、carry、the arm pains , the arm is numb and unable , The muscle is withered soft , the tongue quality is dark , the tongue is thin and white , There is disease having a dizzy spell.
treat the position trouble department .
treat dosage 2 times/ The sun 40 Minute/ Time.
treat course of treatment for 2 weeks.

  By the stagnation of the circulation of vital energy blood silt more, cause cold and wet and sluggish, Pilosity the beginning damp young girl for 2 -3 years or young woman not given birth to .
disease disease form menstrual period or through before through after appear under periodicity pain at the belly,, Ache 、 with waist, vomit 、disgustingly, fear cold、brothers owe warm、do not wait for the disease rightly uncomfortable in chestly.
treat the position and put the belly part.
treat dosage 1 -2 times/ The sun 40 Minute/ Time.
treat course of treatment for 1 weeks.
general patient of points for attention , Through shining alleviate by pain for prevent from and can not break out before shine,, Insist on for 3 -4 menstrual periods.

  The chronic bronchitis in Western medicine belongs to medical science of the motherland It" cough" category" usually ask disease machine to should protect the life to collect". The cough is talked about " the cloud: " cough in order to have phlegm soundly, it is angry in the lung to stamp it because of being wounded", Wet, cough in order to cough it even", It is since two of lung spleen dirty that the ones that propose coughing come on in the source .
Disease symptom (1)The deficiency of vital energy of lung: The disease relies mainly on when sent , is unable that cough, It is coughed that are mostly single or intermittences are coughed , exceed in daytime night, The phlegm can not be measured much , many sweat, evil wind, Easy to catch cold, the tongue quality is normal or slightly light , The fur is thin and white , the pulse string is thin or slow and thin . (2)The temper is empty : The disease is pronounced and often gets a cough heavy and turbid, mostly connect with sound get a cough, It is light on daytime that heavy the night, cough the mucus or phlegm of size, The phlegm is being measured often medium-sized and abovly, lose the appetite , The belly is bloated after a meal, the face is empty and swollen , The stool is rushing and soft , the tongue quality is light and fat , Having tooth mark, the fur is oily in vain , The pulse is washed slow or slipperily .
treat the department that carries position .
treat dosage 1 -2 times/ The sun 40 Minute/ Time.
treat course of treatment for 2 weeks.
should ban on -smoking and the trade to treat one in points for attention .

  Drench the turbid category when belong to Chinese medicine and" drench cards", Invade from timid damp and hot outside of kidney much and pass and eat pungent and fat and sweetly, Accumulate accumulating wet and poisonous and hot and turbid , make the note bladder , The unfavorable in the gasification, it it rises to be clear and it is turbid to be not normal to drop to, Modern medical science thinks , from chronic congestion 、 of prostate gland more, the hydroncus is loose , colon bacillus、staphylococcus、the chain coccus waits for germs to infect sending .
disease disease form polyuria、the urine aches, burn the sense and urine purpose to feel to the utmost in the urethra while arranging the urine , But with waist skull、perineum、put belly、groin、urethra、whether the testicle or aches bloatedly uncomfortably , and can initiate iris inflammation、arthritis、nerve inflammation, urethra there can be the creamy white viscidity secretion by other mouth, More appear it in urine the end or the stool , Measure it more or less and vary , but with the sex dysfunction.
treat the position trouble department .
treat dosage 1 -2 times/ The sun 40 Minute/ Time.
treat course of treatment for 2 weeks.
the person who has not been given birth to of points for attention has shone down the belly . Person who amalgamates arthritis, multipliable shining to pathological change joint position, Subside a swelling and stop the pain.

  The cardiac muscle lacks the blood , the blood vessels silt is hindered .
the chest of disease disease form is stuffy to ache, Even it is carried thoroughly that the chest ache , feel suffocated, It is smooth to breathe no, the companion fears afraid the cold disease coldly.
treat the position front district.
treat dosage 1 -2 times/ The sun 15-40 Minute/ Time.
treat course of treatment for 2 weeks.
should avoid shining the brisket district to take the foreign digitalis medicine in if the points for attention .

  Wind phlegm silt blood, the numbness hinders the train of thought marrow key , Or the deficiency of vital energy and stasis cause hemiplegia.
the disease disease form talking is crooked , The strong speech of tongue is not smoothgoing or in silence, it is numb to lean towards the body, Having a dizzy spell, the tongue quality is gloomy , It breathes hard exhausted strength the mouth flows the saliva, produce from the sweat, The palpitation is rushing , brothers' swelling.
treat the position and have the low limbs .
treat dosage 2 times/ The sun 40 Minute/ Time.
treat course of treatment for 4 weeks.
the points for attention cooperate with medicines to treat , Someone nurses while treating.

  Experience it cold and wet, hinder and send wet and evil and tired .
the disease and disease form cold wet type pain in the back are for one kind in the dialectical dividing type of Chinese medicine , This kind of pain in the back patient is the most common , The patient has the typical one to incline or inclines the pain in the back two times , But there is history of breaking out repeatedly , waists are cold to ache heavily, the heat minus it transfer incline it is unfavorable,, Or meet the pain overcast and rainy to break out or aggravates , Quiet while lying the pain does not minus or aggravate , Its fur is oily in vain , the pulse sinks or sink closely slowly.
treat the position trouble department .
treat dosage 1 -2 times/ The sun 40 minutes/ Time.
treat course of treatment for 1 weeks.

A、reflect theory and shine foot the end according to sole, Can regulate the nerve body liquid of the human body, Make the blood vessel expand , the blood flow is accelerated , Improve whole body blood circulation; Because the sole is the at odds with the community or the leadership dirty farthest position of blood at the same time, Blood circulation is bad ; So often shine the sole, can improve whole body blood circulation very goodly , Improve the human body physiological function and resistance against diseases.
 Two、shine the method: Shone 30 --40 minutes every night.

Lower abdomen
a、the lower abdomen: Point between 1 inches and 3 inches of position under navel mainly, Another name have the pubic regions. Renal gland of the human body and ovarium, the left and right sides is one each, Lie the human body lower abdomen. Often shine the lower abdomen, stimulate the renal gland and ovarium , Reflect the mechanism through the nerve, adjust and strengthen and put the mound brain —Hypophysis —Gonad axle function, promote secretion of parathyrine and female hormone on the kidney . The parathyrine can improve the energy of the human body and physical stamina on the kidney; The female hormone can improve the skin elasticity , Lengthen puberty, improve more annual one .
 Two、shine the method: Or separate the sunshine to penetrate for 30 --40 minutes every day.

  It is far infrared when treat the appearance and shine to use one, Need to uncover the position of shining; Radiation machine at the same time is before shining the distance of position , It is degree to be gentle and comfortable in order to shine the position feeling

Price Terms︰249.00U$
Payment Terms︰TT
Standards Certificate︰In charge of the tool instrument Su medicine (Accurate )The word 2005 is No. 2260351
Specifications︰The summary of the products :
·It is in charge of adopting the original far infrared radiation, Launch out the necessary ideal far infrared wave table of the human body;
·There is special superiority to improve little circulation; Ease pain, diminish inflammation and subside a swelling, improve the muscle function state ;
·Treat the health protection extensivly, curative effect is exact and remarkable ;
·Suitable for the numbness and disease (Rheumarthritis、a kind of rheumarthritises、the coronary heart disease and angina pectoris )、Cold wet quality pain in the back、the gastral cavilty aches (Empty sympotoms caused by cold factors、congeal the disease coldly )、Cervical vertebra disease、dysmenorrhoea、chronic bronchitis、chronic prostate gland inflammation、the apoplexy and sequelae .
Advantages︰1、ideal far infrared radiation wave table choosing need of curing the disease
1) Infrared ray treatment
  In medical science, use the method of treating disease of infrared ray and call the red outside line treatment . According to its biology characteristic, the infrared ray can divide into two sections : Shortwave infrared ray (Near infrared rays ), the wavelength: 760nm —1.5 μ m; The infrared ray of the long wave (Far infrared ray ), wavelength 1.5 —400 μ m .
2 )Absorption of infrared ray
  The part of absorbing the infrared ray of the human body is skin and hypodermis mainly . The far infrared ray is here Already been absorbed in mm thickness 2, near the infrared ray and only remains too 11 %continue deepenning . It is not quite that infrared ray pierces through the degree of depth effectivly . The far infrared ray reaches the skin upper strata mainly 0.05 -1 mm, nearly infrared rays can reach next blood vessel 、 of skin , nerve endings, pierce through the degree of depth 1-10mm . Though to pierce through the two have difference by degree of depth, But in the hypodermis and muscle ( 10 mm is deep )The hot effect inside does not have obvious difference .
3 )Infrared ray biophysics characteristic
  ·The physical characteristics : The hot ray: The main hot function causes the biology effect . Quantum have lower quantity , can only turn into hotly after absorbing , There is not all chemical effect.
  ·The living beings effect: Far skin upper strata of the human body of infrared function , Absorbing infrared rays far, the human body produces the physics and chemistry and reacts , The local physiology reacts and pays attention to reacting rawly with the quality of whole body , Metabolism is vigorous , organize nutrition to improve, Organizing the ability of regeneration to strengthen, the function resumes being accelerated .
4 )Determine the human body cures the disease to the ideal infrared ray wave table of need clinically
Our country using clinically in infrared ray treatment, No matter the front row studied in the world in place on the degree of depth and scope, Use for more than 30 years it through verifying brightly clinically, Infrared radiation is treated exact to clinical every subject disease curative effectly , Adapt to the disease widly. Up till now, infrared radiation can be treated More than 120 kinds of diseases, and its side effect is small , Do not cause danger to the organism , can be regulated at any time to intensify on the skin surface caused in radiation , The patient is easy to accept .
  Foundation heat radiation absorbs the theory : When radiation spectrum and absorption spectrum of the material of radiation body are unanimous , Can get the best absorption. The radiation far infrared peak value of the human body is 9.6 μ m, At this theory, then the human body absorbs the best one far infrared peak value wavelength should for 9.6 μ m The experiment verifies that it is infrared than near 、 far even , the human body of middle's infrared ray easier quilt absorbs . According to the heat radiation characteristic with intrinsic the human body and clinical a large amount of basic research, Prove the curve that the ideal infrared ray treatment uses is in order to seek to show , Namely there should be relatively high relative radiation crest energy in 9.6 μ m places , About 4 in the wavelength —There should be the second crest energy in 6 μ m.
5 )Originally treat a appearance of infrared ray withs and treat the wave table infraredly far
  By country being infrared products examine and test treats far red other radiation of the appearance and in charge of measuring and make it known to this far red outside centre by quality control: Originally treat the radiation wave table of the appearance in the far red other district while concentrating on mostly infraredly far, The spectrum range is here 2.5 —Between 13 μ m, its wavelength peak value is concentrated on 9 —Between 10 μ m, there are very high spectrum wave energy and high radiation rate, Near far infrared wave table that ideal the human body absorbed need relatively . If its measuring wave form is sought .
2、radiation machine gets the country and invents the patent , Superior performance
1 )Originally treat red other radiation of the appearance and in charge of managing in radiation of having high radiation formed for many kinds of tombarthite elements and chemical compound infraredly far, Obtain the country and invent the patent, the number of the patent is : ZL 96117067.0 .
  2)Treat infraredly red other radiation machine of the appearance originally far, There is relatively high infrared energy radiation rate, From on seek infrared radiation find out at wave table curve! Treat the energy of infrared radiation far high infraredly far, Guarantee to treat dosage , cure the curative effect fruit remarkably .
  3)Originally treated red other radiation machine of the appearance and adopted the red other high temperature of material and fritted infraredly far, So that infrared radiation layer is not easy to come off , Infrared radiation is steady , have long performance life.
  4)Originally treat a appearance of red other radiation wave tables changing with treating appearance temperature and change, So that curative effect is steadier . Treat red other radiation of the appearance and in charge of measuresing the centre and measures by red outside in country infraredly and prove far originally; Act as the work of the instrument in different electric wire netting voltage, Manage under exciting temperature differently infraredly, Their transmission in being effective, change with temperature by far infrared unexpected turn of table and change.
  5)Originally treated red other radiation machine of the appearance and adopted the tombarthite chemical compound and filled a prescription and imported the material to frit and make infraredly far, Reliable modern techniques, their fill a prescription already obtained the country and invent the patent by key technology.

3、the structure adopts modern industry design , 、 easy to use, reliable
1 )Originally have diversified 、to treat the appearance infraredly far, many angle regulates the function, can satisfy foot 、 , carry、treatment that strength waits for different position needs .
  2)Originally have 6108 T. of HSK concurrently to treat the appearance infraredly far (Desk-top )、 HSK-6108. (Vertical )Two kinds of specifications, easy to use, Satisfy and lie、、 sits, set up treatment which wait for different postures to need.
  3)Originally treat the appearance and treat the function of timing infraredly far, Operate it simple and conveniently, use safe and reliably .
Far Infrared Mineral Lamps

The Far Infrared Mineral Lamp was invented in China by a group of scientists and physicians headed by Dr. Gou Wenbin. This is a new type of therapeutic and health device, with the functions of promoting metabolism, regulating physiological deficiency, diminishing inflammation and easing pain. The Far Infrared Mineral Lamp has proven extraordinarily effective in treating numerous ailments such as muscular aches and pains, soft tissue injuries, arthritis and various skin conditions. Since introduced into clinic and family use in early 1980's, the Far Infrared Mineral Lamp has successfully treated up to 60 million patients in China, Hong Kong, South Asia, Japan, Europe, Australia and recently in North America. Due to its prominent therapeutic effects, the Far Infrared Mineral Lamp is known in China and Hong Kong as the Miracle Lamp.

How Far Infrared Mineral Lamp Works

The Lamp is different from the conventional heat lamps, infrared lamps and microwave therapeutic devices. The Far Infrared Mineral Lamp features a round plate coated with a proprietary mineral clay formation consisting of 33 earth elements essential to the human body. When activated by the built-in electric heating element, this mineral plate emits a special band of far-infrared waves ranging from 2 to 25 (microns) in wavelength that concides with the wavelengths and intensity of the electromagnetic radiations emanating from the human body. As a result, the far-infrared waves are readily absorbed.

Benefits of Far-Infrared waves on the Human Body

Raises temperature in tissue
Expansion of capillary vessels

Rejuvenation of cells
Promotion of blood circulation
Helps to move toxins from cells
Faster recovery from muscle strains
Improvement in Lymphatic system

Min Order︰10 set
Ship Date︰3-7 days
Standard Met︰CE
Product Image

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