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Quantum Analyzer System (English,Spanish or other language‎)

  • Quantum Analyzer System (English,Spanish or other language‎)
  • Quantum Analyzer System (English,Spanish or other language‎)
  • Quantum Analyzer System (English,Spanish or other language‎)
Model No.︰H-6699
Brand Name︰HSK Medical
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 280 / pc
Minimum Order︰10 pc
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Product Description
The probe made by the new material, not only the exterior appearance looks more beautiful and professional, but there have three colors u can choose at the same time.


The software interface has updated high technology that the operation is more convenient and faster.

The Function, we have added with more the Comparative analyzer function . The situation of  body health is different in different period, so we have comparative function with a personality. The newest analyzer will help u remember the value state of health that when u detect next time, u can comparative the different of the health state, and find out the change of fore-and-aft detection.



Analysis Items  32 reports:
01-   Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
02-   Gastrointestinal function
03-   Liver function
04-   Gallbladder function
05-   Pancreatic function
06-   Kidney function
07-   Lung function
08-   Brain nerve
09-   Bone disease
10-   Bone mineral density
11-   Rheumatoid bone disease
12-   Blood sugar
13-   Basic physical quality
14-   Human toxin
15-   Trace element
16-   Prostate
17-   Male sexual function
18-   Gynecology
19-   Skin
20-   Endocrine System
21-   Immune System
22-   Breast
23-   Vitamin.
24-   Amino Acid
25-   Bone Growth Index
26-   Eye
27-   Heavy Metal
28-   Allergy
29-   Coenzyme
30-   Element of human
31-   Obesity

32-   Comprehensive Report Card  

Price Terms︰FOB Shenzhen
Payment Terms︰TT ,Paypal
Packing︰Aluminum Box
Lead Time︰3-7
Standards Certificate︰CE
Specifications︰language:english software: latest version
result: with 38reports size: 31*20*8cm
voltage: DC4.75-5.25V electric current: Max 200mA
power<1W g.W:2.5kgs
communication interface: USB Communications protocol: V1.1
material: aluminium manual: english
language: spanish, french, romanian people: female and male above 10 years old
feature: allow update and upgrade warranty: one year
working time: 56 second copyright: Original
Advantages︰Detailed Product Description

quantum magnetic resonance analyzer can analyzer 32kinds health condiction of body within 2 minutes

quantum magnetic resonance analyzer

is a new instrument to analyze such phenomenon. The weak magnetic frequency and energy of human body are collected by holding the sensor, and after amplification by the instrument and treatment by the built-in micro-processor, the data are compared with the standard quantum resonant spectrum of diseases, nutrition and other indicators incorporated in the instrument to judge whether the sample waveforms are irregular using the Fourier approach. Analysis and judgment can thus be made on health condition and main problems of the testee based on the result of waveform analysis, as well as standard protective and curative proposals.


Original software

with 38 reports

other language for choice:

Spanish/French/Romanian/portuguese/malaysia/korea/german/ Slovak

The introduction of 3.0 Generation Quantum Magnetic Analyzer :
Dual core processor is adopted in the main circuit board that speed operation of the machines and improve the accuracy of the analyzer reports
Custom Field︰Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer
Quantum Health Analyzer
Quantum Analyzer
Quantum Body Analyzer
Quantum Bio-electric System
Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Suppliers Directory
English,Spanish or other language‎
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