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Music shaker (The Bass Shaker )

  • Music shaker (The Bass Shaker )
  • Music shaker (The Bass Shaker )
  • Music shaker (The Bass Shaker )
  • Music shaker (The Bass Shaker )
  • Music shaker (The Bass Shaker )
Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰MBS
Country of Origin︰-
Unit Price︰US $ 29 / pc
Minimum Order︰5000 pc
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Product Description

Powerful new design

AuraSound originally designed bass shakers to go under car seats to give a big bass sound in a small space without the need for big speakers. However, gamers and movie-lovers soon cottoned on that the Aura Shaker could also be installed under couches and chairs.

Aura responded by bringing out the Aura Bass Shaker Pro, a more powerful model designed for home theatre use. The design has proved so successful that the previous version has now been discontinued.


The original Aura Bass Shaker, shown here,
has been discontinued.


The Aura shaker lacks super-human hearing

Compared to other brands like the ButtKicker, the Aura Bass Shaker doesn't "hear" the low, low bass sounds. Its usable frequency range stops at 20Hz (about the same as human hearing) while the ButtKicker boasts a range down to 5Hz. However, most films and games don't go any lower than 20Hz, so in most instances you won't miss anything except bragging rights. HOWEVER that is starting to change. Recent movies, like Cloverfield, have started experimenting with lower sounds, dabbling in bass as low as 5Hz, so if you want to connect with the latest sound design, this might not be the bass shaker for you.


Newer films, like Cloverfield, experiment with subsonic sounds.


Wired for soundbass_shaker_speaker_wire.jpg

The Aura has wires. There is no wireless option. That means you have to run wires from shaker to your amp, and wires from your amp to your receiver. Depending on your room layout, that's a fair bit of gaffa tape. This reviewer does not own any wireless bass shakers, but friends and other reviewers confirm that the wireless technology, as it stands, leaves a lot to be desired. It's not perfected - yet. So for now, wires may well be the way to go. And, as always, you have to weigh up your fondness for wireless technology against the price. You can often get the Aura on Amazon for around $60: that's the cost of a pizza and beer night, and more than enough to make many of us grab the gaff. Installing your bass shakers is ridiculously fun DIY job: if you've got an afternoon free, you can revolutionize your home theater system

Specifications︰What's the price?
$120 in stores, but often available for under $50 online.

What's the best Aura Bass Shaker amplifier?
We especially like the Dayton Audio SA70 70W Subwoofer Amplifier. It's low-cost and robust, and can power two bass shakers.

Why should you consider the Aura?
The Aura has only 50 watts of power. (The ButtKicker, for example, has a minimum power requirement of 400 watts.) However, the AuraSound people understand that not all of us are looking for a bass shaker that screams its existence. Sometimes, we simply want a shaker that augments our subwoofer and gracefully brings out the bass sounds in a subtle way.

The Aura Pro creates a fuller, richer experience of movies and games, without making a song and dance out of it. Your friends will simply think you have the most awesome subwoofer in all the land.
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