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What Is Iridology ? 

H.S.K  HealthCare
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 Blue Classic system
HSK-9810U+  ,Upgrade version base on the
HSK-9810U, without base, more portable. 
Have the same function as HSK-9810U, six light together, switch from two lights to four.

HSK-9988U,  Upgrade version base on the HSK-9880U, more than 300 iridologists and Naturopath    have this unit  since it has been developed.  HSK-9988U uses the best chips , so can take real images and the iris have natural color. HSK-9988U is the best choice for iridologist.

            In order to making Iridologists, Naturopathists, nutritionists to using and studying iridology technique,  H-S-K Technology Co.,Ltd  and  East Iridology Naturopathy Association unite together to produce the latest Mini portable iriscope(Iridology camera) HSK9810U, compactible, convenient, portable, an easy operate, reasonable price, just have 100set on sale for worldwide, one people only can purchase one set.At the same time, we are looking for the agent , this model is the special price, will not do discount again .
         Iridology (pronounced eye-ri-dology) is the art and science of analyzing the color and structure of the iris to determine tissue integrity throughout the body, thereby gaining valuable health information regarding strenghts and weaknesses. Iridologists study the iris, particularly the color, markings, changes and other aspects, as they are associated with tissue degeneration. Iridology is one form of analysis that is non-invasive to the body...requiring no cutting, x-raying or use of any other invasive technique to complete the analysis.

The History of Iridology
                At the age of eleven, a young Ignatz von Peczely observed a rising dark line in the eye of an owl whose leg had just been broken.  The line rose from the point at six o’clock.  The young boy bandaged the owl’s leg, nursed him to health and set him free.  The bird, however, lingered in the family garden for many years.  Peczely noted that the black line at six o’clock soon gave way to white and crooked lines, which surrounded a tiny black dot.  When Peczely grew up he became a physician.  He never forgot his work with the owl; and soon, he began noting and mapping the correlation of changed markings in the iris with surgeries, injuries and illnesses of his patients.

         At the same time in history, a Swedish clergyman began to map drug settlements and the changed colorations in the iris.  His own need for massive quantities of quinine had changed the color of his eyes to a yellow-green.

The mapping of the iris progressed, with many physicians and progressions of iris maps up to the 1970s.   At that time Iridology took the broad leap to recognition due mainly to the pioneer work of Bernard Jensen, D.C, Ph.D., renowned Iridologist and Nutritionist.  His dedication to precision and his integrity created a new generation of natural health practitioners.  He literally trained thousands of new Iridologists and Nutritionists

Iridology and Natural Health

             As a natural health practitioner, Cheryl takes into account the whole person. She looks beyond a "disease" to the whole person. We must remember that diseases do not create us, we create disease. And we must also remember that we don't "catch" diseases. We create disease and disorder by breaking down our natural defenses by the way we eat, drink, think, feel and the lifestyle we live. The emphasis on healing must include the whole person, not just the disease. Iridology helps us look at the "whole person" and determine levels of health throughout the body.

Summary from "Visions of Health" by 
Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Donald V. Bodeen
  • The Primary Nutritional Needs of the Body
  • The Inherent Strength or Weakness of Organs, Glands and Tissues
  • Constitutional Strength or Weakness
  • Which Organs are in the Greatest Need of Repair and Rebuilding
  • The Relative Amount of Toxic Settlement in the Organs, Glands and Tissues
  • Where Inflammation is Located in the Body
  • The Stage of Tissue Inflammation and Activity
  • Underactivity, or Sluggishness, of the Bowel
  • Spastic and Ballooned Conditions of the Bowel
  • The Need for Acidophilus in the Bowel
  • Prolapsus of the Transverse Colon
  • A Nervous Condition or Inflammation of the Bowel
  • High-Risk Tissue Areas in the Body that may be Progressing toward a Disease
  • Pressure on the Heart
  • The Circulation Level in Various Organs
  • Nerve Force and Nerve Depletion
  • Hyperactivity or Hypoactivity of Organs, Glands and Tissues
  • The Influence of one Organ on another, or the Contribution of an Organ to a Condition Elsewhere in the body
  • Lymphatic System Congestion
  • Poor Assimilation of Nutrients
  • Depletion of Minerals in an Organ, Gland or Tissue
  • The Relative Ability of an Organ, Gland or Tissue to Hold Nutrients
  • The Results of Physical or Mental Fatigue of Stress on the Body
  • The Need for Rest to Build up Immunity
  • Tissue Areas Contributing to suppressed or Buried Symptoms
  • High or Low Sex Drive
  • A Genetic Pattern of Inherent Weaknesses and their Influence on Other Organs, Glands and Tissues
  • The Effect of Iatrogenic Conditions
  • The Preclinical Stages of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Conditions and Many Other Diseases
  • Miasms
  • The Recuperative Ability and Health Level of the Body
  • The Buildup of Toxic Material Before the Manifestation of a Disease
  • Genetic Weaknesses Affecting the Nerves, Blood Supply and Mineralization of Bones
  • The Genetic Influence on any Symptoms Present
  • Healing Sings Indicating an Increase of Strength in any Organ, Gland or Tissue
  • The Potential for Varicose Veins in the Legs
  • Positive and Negative Nutritional Needs of the Body
  • A Probable Allergy to Wheat
  • Sources of Infection
  • Acidity of the Body and Catarrh Development
  • Suppression of Catarrh
  • The Condition of Tissue in any one part of the Body, or in all the parts of the Body at one time
  • The Climate and Altitude that a best for the Patient
  • The Potential for Senility
  • The Effects of a Polluted Environment
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Resistance to Disease
  • The Relationship or Unity of Symptoms with conditions in the Organs, Glands and Tissues
  • The Difference between a Healing Crisis and a Disease Crisis
  • The Accuracy of Hering's Low of Cure
  • Whether a particular Program or Therapy is Working
  • The Quality of Nerve Force (Nerve Energy) in the Body
  • The Body's Response to a Treatment
  • The Whole, or overall, Health Level of the Body
Iridology is a powerful tool. The presence of just one sign can reveal a multitude of conditions. Read Back through this list to see just how many things each sing can indicate. And while you are taking your second look at the list, note how the absence of a sign can tell a glorious story, too.
  • Blood Pressure Levels (normal or abnormal), Blood Sugar Level and Other Specific Diagnostic Findings and Laboratory Test Results. Iridology can reveal a Lack or an Excess, whether of Substance or a Force, but not the Specific Amount.
  • Which Specific Medications or Drugs an Individual is Using or Has Used in the Past. Years ago, when the Drugs prescribed by doctors were Simpler in their Chemical Structure, the Iridologist Could Make a Good Guess as to which one had settled in the tissues by observing the Iris Color (For example, Iron was Rust Colored, Sulphur was Yellow). Modern Drugs are usually compound formulas, and  people today are to be taking Several Drugs).
  • What Surgical Operations a Person Has Had (Scar-Tissue sings can be noticed in the Iris).
  • Specifically What Foods a Person Does and Does Not Eat. Sometimes an Iridologist can get a pretty fair idea of what General Foods are person consumes.
  • How Much Uric Acid is in the Body. Although an Iridologist can tell if someone has too many noxious acids in his body, he cannot tell which specific acids are involved.
  • The Time and Cause of an Injury to the Body.
  • Whether a Snake Bite is Poisonous and if the Snake Venom Has Entered the Bloodstream. The effects of hundreds of snake bites over a lifetime may show up in the Iris.
  • The Correlation Between Tissue Inflammation Levels and Specific Diseases or Symptoms of Disease.
  • Diseases by Name.
  • Whether a Subject is Male or Female (The Only Clue We Have is the Mascara on the Eyelashes!).
  • Whether Asbestos Settlements or Silicosis Exist in the Body. Iridology cannot tell which specific elements have settled in the tissues.
  • If Hair is Falling Out and Why - It is not in itself a disease state of the body.
  • The Number of Organs With Which a Person Was Born.
  • The Presence of a Yeast Infection, such as Candida Albicans. However, Iridology Can Reveal Conditions Supporting Its Possible Presence in the Body.
  • The Presence of Lead, Cadmium, Aluminum, or any other Metallic Elements in the tissues.
  • If a Woman is on Birth Control Pills.
  • If a Woman is Pregnant - Pregnancy is a normal physiological condition for women.
  • Whether an Operation is Necessary - This is a medical evaluation.
  • Whether a Tumor is Present and What Size it is. The Iridologist can often see the tissue alteration that is represented by a tumor.
  • Whether Hemorrhage Exists in the Body or Where it is Located. Hemorrhage, in itself, is not a tissue alteration.
  • The Difference Between Drug Side-Effect Symptoms and the Symptoms of Actual Diseases. Iridology cannot differentiate between symptoms.
  • Whether Irregular Menstrual Periods are Caused by the Thyroid. It can point out an underactive thyroid gland and thus give a lead for further investigation.
  • The Presence of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, or Bubonic Plague.
  • Whether Healing Signs Indicate a Raising of the General Health Level. Healing Signs may be present in just one particular area.
  • The Presence of Syphilis, Gonorrhea, or another Sexually Transmitted Disease.
  • Orientation Toward Homosexuality. Homosexuality is an alternate sexual orientation and does not involve abnormal tissue alteration.
  • The Presence of AIDS. Iridology cannot discern a virus.
  • The Presence of Gallstones or Kidney Stones. A stone is not a tissue alteration.
  • Whether a Cardiac Artery is Blocked. Iridology can discern if a condition exists that would predispose a person to a blockage of this type.

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