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Semi-conductor Laser Device 

Product Description

1. Base on the principle of hematology, Human Body function regulator, laser Physiotherapy.
2. Low Level laser (laser level Class 3A ) with the wavelength of 650nm to irradiate the nose, no cross-infection, no danger, no pain, no side effect, reduce the blood viscosity/fat quickly.
3. No need to go to hospital, comfortable and convenient to use in any place/time
4. Whole body blood will be treated effectively and completely
5. Steady, safety. Constant voltage control and watchdog timer can use as a health protector.

Fuctional Structure:
Model Mini SLT
Laser wavelength 650 nm
Work voltage of SLT 6 V
Work voltage of laser device < 3V
Input power <45 w
Terminal output power < 5mw
Power 3VA
Internal electric source d. C. 4V - d. C. 6V

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